Club Rankings

Below is a live view of the Club Rankings. The Winter and Spring Leagues are the only ranked leagues at the time of writing. Rankings will be updated after the final results of the league and are solely based on singles matches.

For this first published Club Rankings there is a 1 point difference from all positions from 1 – 68. After that it’s even points per line, with a 7 point difference per line.

By awarding 1st place 8 points they get to move up, last place is on 0 points they will move down (as 1st place on line lower will now be 1 point ahead). Following that we don’t want 2nd place to move up to the next line so we give them 6 points. This is to help ensure players are rewarded for playing ranked leagues and move up and down lines accordingly after a League has ended.

For Ranked Leagues; where there is tie at the top of a Line, a countback of the number of sets against both players will be used to determine position. Where countback is equal then a play-off is required to determine Line Winner. Where there is a tie at the bottom of a Line, sets for & against determine position (e.g player loses 3-2 = -1), if equal then head-to-head results will be used to determine positioning.

Here is the scoring Legend:

1st Place8 Points
2nd Place6 Points
3rd Place5 Points
4th Place4 Points
5th Place3 Points
6th Place2 Points
7th Place1 Point
8th Place0 Points
Non Participation-6 Points

Here are the Club Rankings: