Ladder League




The new Ladder League is ready to go and will start from 01st November 2017.


It is open to all current members, entry is not “automatic” as it is your decision if you wish to play.


To enter the ladder, please text “IN” followed by “Your Name” to 086 3782531. (Unless you have already responded)


You do not have to enter the ladder from the start but if your name is not entered by 11pm 31st October 2017 then you will enter from the bottom as an “unranked” player.


This ladder will run alongside all our other competitions for the season and is a great way for you to play other people in the club that you would not normally meet.


For the first year, the starting rankings will be based on “reverse” order and will not directly reflect your club ranking. In other words if you are playing on Lines 1 & 2 at the minute then you will start from the bottom of the league, if you are playing on Line 12 then you will start from the top.

This guarantees a good mixture of skill and plenty of games for those that want to drive themselves up to the top. You will meet people stronger than yourself and you will meet people weaker than yourself, your aim should be to hold on to your position and fight to keep near the top of the league. Obviously people will rise and people will fall, but as long as we have fun and play great squash then we should maintain a good interest in the ladder.


Games are not compulsory, you can play as often or as little as you like. You will receive challenges and you will challenge others along the way. Please be respectful to all players you meet and understand that some simply can’t play at the drop of a hat and some might just want to pass up on a challenge. Encourage others to play the challenge games, perhaps if you’re the stronger player then you might be able to pass on some handy tips and skills as you travel through the ladder.


Our standard club rules apply with regard to court con

duct, scoring and ball selection etc. Normal team league games do not count as a challenge game on the ladder thus a challenge game must be planned separate from normal team league games.


As the club grows in membership, so the free court time available is becoming tighter. Please be sure to book a court only when it suits you and your opponent and if you cancel the game then also cancel the court booking.


Ladder League Rules.

Players are expected to have read and understood these rules and agree to abide by them if participating in this squash ladder:

1. If you are a ranked player on the ladder, you can challenge the person UP TO 5 positions above you. If you win, you swap positions with that person – you take their place and they take your old place.

2. If you are not yet ranked on the ladder, you may challenge ANY ranked player. If you win, you will join the ladder in their place. The ranked player will drop one position and push everyone below them down a single place. If you lose, you will join the bottom of the ladder and everyone else stays where they are.

3. You MUST accept a challenge from any person up to 5 positions below you in the ladder within 1 week of the challenge. The only exception being that you have played that challenger in the previous 2 weeks.

4. If you have a game organised, you MUST inform your opponent if your level on the ladder has changed and allow your opponent the option of declining the match.

5. If you cannot make a match that you have agreed to, then you MUST notify your opponent at the first opportunity. Failure to do so will result in you forfeiting the match. Failure to arrive on court within 10 minutes of the agreed time will result in a forfeit of the match by the opponent arriving late.

6. You win a match by being the first to win 3 games, scoring will be PAR (point a rally) as per usual club rules.

7. Before play begins, players should agree on the “spot” of ball to be used during the match.

8. The challenger is responsible for scheduling the match and arranging court bookings and times.

9. If possible, when the match is organised, the challenger should register the match through email to Please supply the following information:

a. Challenger

b. Challengee

c. Match Date

d. Match Score (Post Match.

10. Unless otherwise agreed upon, the match will follow the rules for squash given by the World Squash Federation.

11.You may at any time play other other players of any level as often as you like if the game is not going to be counted towards the squash ladder standings.

12.Normal league or other competition matches cannot be used as a ladder match.

13.The movement of position cards on the ladder will be carried out by a committee member on behalf of the players. Any discrepancies MUST be notified by contacting the committee.

These rules apply only to this ladder league and are effective October 2017